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Special Hours

Immediate Care Center - Eastside

Immediate Care Center - Gaffney

Immediate Care Center - Pelham

Immediate Care Center - Reidville Road

Immediate Care Center - Westside

Breast Care & Gynecologic Oncology - Pelham

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery - Spartanburg

Carolina Family Physicians

Carolina OB/GYN - Spartanburg, Eastside

Carolina OB/GYN, Suite 201

Carolina OB/GYN - Spartanburg, Westside

Cherokee Cardiology

Cherokee Orthopaedics

Cherokee Surgical Associates

Cherokee Urology

Cherokee Women's Care

Diabetes & Endocrinology - Pelham

Diabetes & Endocrinology - Spartanburg

Division of Surgery - North Grove

Division of Surgery - Pelham

Division of Surgery - Skylyn

Family & Internal Medicine - Reidville Road

Family Medical Center

Family Medicine - Boiling Springs

Family Medicine - Cedar Springs

Family Medicine - Chesnee Highway

Family Medicine - Converse Heights

Family Medicine - Dorman

Family Medicine - Duncan

Family Medicine - Five Forks

Family Medicine - Five Forks, Pelham

Family Medicine - Forest City

Family Medicine - Inman

Family Medicine - Landrum

Family Medicine - North

Family Medicine - Pacolet

Family Medicine - Peachview

Family Medicine - Rutherfordton

Family Medicine - Woodruff

Gaffney Family Medical Care

Gastroenterology - Pelham

Gastroenterology - Skylyn

Gastroenterology - Spartanburg

Hematology Oncology - Gaffney

Hematology Oncology - Pelham

Hematology Oncology - Spartanburg

Hematology Oncology - Union

Infectious Disease - Skylyn

Infectious Disease - Spartanburg

Internal Medicine - Gaffney

Internal Medicine - Greer

Internal Medicine - Spartanburg, Eastside

Internal Medicine - Spartanburg

Internal Medicine - Spartanburg, Westside

Magnolia Plastic Surgery - Pelham

Magnolia Plastic Surgery - Spartanburg

Maternal Fetal Medicine - Spartanburg

Medical Affiliates - North Grove 

Neurology - Pelham

Orthopaedic Surgery - Pelham

Orthopaedic Surgery - Spartanburg, Eastside

Orthopaedic Trauma Services - Spartanburg

Orthopaedics - Skylyn

Palliative Care & Senior Health

Pediatrics - North Grove

Pediatrics - Spartanburg, Westside

Pelham Center for Women - Greer

Piedmont Women's Healthcare - Spartanburg

Psychiatry - Spartanburg

Radiation Oncology - Pelham

Radiation Oncology - Spartanburg

Radiation Oncology - St. Francis, Greenville

Rheumatology - Spartanburg

Spartanburg Medical Center - Center for Family Medicine

Spartanburg Medical Center - Center for Family Medicine - Chesnee

Spartanburg Medical Center - Center for OB/GYN

Spartanburg Medical Center - Center for Pediatrics

Spartanburg Medical Center - Division of Surgery

Spartanburg Medical Center - Division of Surgery - Gibbs

Spartanburg Medical Center - Gynecologic Oncology

Spartanburg Medical Center - Wound Center

Spine & Pain Management - North Grove

Spine & Pain Management - Pelham

Sports Medicine Institute - North Grove

Sports Medicine Institute - Upward

Union Medical Center - Center for Family Medicine

Union Medical Center - Center for OB/GYN

Union Medical Center - Center for Pediatrics

Urology - Skylyn

Vascular Access Services - Spartanburg

Weight Loss Services - Spartanburg

Woman's Clinic - Spartanburg

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