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Published on August 07, 2012

Medical Group of the Carolinas Welcomes 14 Physicians To its Practices

The following physicians have joined our unique group of primary care and specialty practices:

Emergency Medicine

  • Thomas Boyd, M.D.
  • Kelly Grant, M.D.

Family Medicine

  • Mary Sue Brewton, M.D.
  • Lisa Carrol, M.D.
  • Frances Kunda, M.D.
  • Troy Phillips, D.O.


  • Andrew Taber, M.D.

Inpatient Medicine

  • Amy Flandry, M.D.
  • Marie Witte, M.D.

GYN Oncology

  • David Griffin, M.D., Ph.D.
  • James Hunter, M.D.


  • Derek Brenda, M.D.

Minor Care

  • Wayne Davis, M.D.
  • Manuel  Dorna, M.D.

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