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Published on November 08, 2013

Village Hospital Expands Services in Greer With New Cath Lab

On Monday, Nov. 11, Village Hospital will open a new catheterization lab in Greer. While procedures offered at the lab will initially be limited to diagnostic procedures, additional services will be added as the program grows.

According to Tony Kouskolekas, President of Village Hospital, the lab signals more convenient access to expert medical care for patients in the Greer area.

“Before this cath lab opened, there was no other such facility in Greer, which meant patients would have to travel to either Spartanburg or Greenville for this type of service,” he said. “This latest expansion of our services is further proof of our commitment to the Greer community that expert medical care need not be a long drive away to another city. It’s right in our own backyard at Village Hospital.”

Cath labs perform a vital function that is heavily dependent on medical imaging technology. For example, the arteries of the heart cannot be seen with regular X-rays. To see them, a tiny plastic tube is threaded to the entrance of a coronary artery and a special dye is injected into the artery so it can be seen. High-speed X-rays are taken at the same moment the dye is injected into each artery, which allows the physician to see live images of the patient’s coronary arteries and the pumping chambers of the heart to diagnose heart disease.

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